Jamaine Ross, Comedian (Amongst other things)

This is what I look like

Hey there.

I'm Jamaine and I'm a comedian...

I'm Maori and I have a beard and I'm from Christchurch and this is my website and that's pretty much everything you need to know about me.

Since winning the Raw Comedy Quest in 2012, my comedy career has really taken off. I opened for Tenacious D on their New Zealand tour in 2013, was nominated for the Billy T Award in the 2014 NZ International Comedy Festival, and have appeared on and written for various comedy TV shows including 7 Days, Jono & Ben, After Hours and Maori TV's Brown Eye.

So that means I'm legit. Just check out these quotes from people I've never met...

"Jamaine Ross is hilariously funny, and his comedy is very intelligent and accessible."
- Chelsea Hughes (ruminator.co.nz)

"Jamaine Ross is probably the most charming man in NZ comedy."
- Courteney Peters (gatherandhunt.co.nz)

"I've known this guy for 30 years. Actually, he's my son."
- Jack Black (International Comedy Superstar)

Actually, full disclosure, I have met all 3 of those people, but it's not like they're my friends or anything so it's all good.

My comedy draws on my personal experiences and keen observations on everyday life, all from my unique perspective. And by 'unique' I mean 'super dope and awesome'.

Thanks for reading this far. Hit me up on Twitter for a free Retweet using the code-word 'Super Dope'.

Email: me@jamaineross.com